The Rapscallion Agency: Archives

Chapter 10 – Rodents and Rockstars

Lisette and Cluracan can finally rest with VeyTech, Venesois and Merodach all destroyed. In a vulnerable moment, they each share the difficulty they’ve been facing in the relationship as well as their cultural differences.

Chapter 9 – Cutthroats & Canines Part 2

With Victor dead, Merodach will do anything to take back Cookie the Rat for VeyTech. He turns his attention to Lisette and Cluracan who are both badly injured. Back at his Lair, Raptor decrypts more of the VeyTech data, and

Chapter 8 – Cutthroats & Canines Part 1

Cluracan and Lisette visit Raptor to try to decrypt the data they believe is stored in Cookie’s cybernetic brain. Using Raptor’s supercomputer, they discover evidence of the illegal experiments that VeyTech has conducted on human test subjects The pair must

Chapter 7 – Decoys & Demons

Dr. Venesois and Merodach track Lisette and Cluracan to the garage in Grigny. They threaten to kill the young couple if they don’t return the rat the stole from VeyTech. Cluracan uses The Eclair as a diversion and escapes with

Chapter 6 – Blades & Bluffs

Lisette and Cluracan are on the run! The pair must evade Paris Police and someone in a white coat shooting at them, all while Cluracan races The Eclair bakery van through the narrow streets of Paris.

Chapter 5 – Rats & Rapscallions

With the “honeypot” operation behind her, Lisette comes to Adele’s apartment for a celebratory dinner, and meets her charming new boyfriend Victor. Victor offers Lisette and Cluracan a lucrative job testing the security at VeyTech’s research laboratories, but the assignment

Chapter 4 – Love & Lions

Lisette and Cluracan purchase Madame DuBois’ bakery van and begin outfitting it with equipment to use as a mobile base of operations. Adele tries to help Lisette by setting her up for a high paying job: to seduce her boss’s

Chapter 3 – Bullets & Blowfish

Raptor hires Lisette and Cluracan to retrieve an expensive designer hoodie which he believes was stolen from him by a rival hacker. Hidden deep in VeyTech’s secret laboratory, Dr. Venesois tests the bio-ware microchip on kidnapped immigrants as the company

Chapter 2 – Fools & Fashion

Lisette and Cluracan call upon old friends from their pasts in an effort to find some business for their new company. Back at VeyTech, Monsieur Merodach informs CEO Dr. Terant Venesois that their microchip project is under threat.

Chapter 1 – Arrivals & Arrangements

Lisette and Cluracan arrive in Paris! The young pair move into a borrowed maisonette in the 9th arrondissement to launch their fledgling cybersecurity firm. Together, with his computer skills and her abilities as a trained cat burglar, they are excited